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Mission, Goals & School Creed

With passion and persistence we will perpetually pursue Excellence…for learning is our TOP PRIORITY!

School Creed

A school creed is a way to express the community’s shared values. It is a commitment of the school’s beliefs and positive affirmations.

I am a winner of excellence in every way.
What I think, I can write, I can read and I can say.
I will always say yes to right.
I will say no to the wrong.
With all others, I will try my best to get along.
Respect I’ll give – Respect I’ll earn.
I know that I come to Tom Bradley to learn.
There are some things no one can take from me.
My pride, my self-discipline, and my awesome dignity.
And so I will do my best to excel in every way.
For I am a Winner of Excellence today and always!
Dr Shepherd
Dr.  Shepherd and Tom Bradley at Dublin Avenue Elementary School, 1986


Dr. Shepherd (Bradley Elementary's principal for 30 years) wanted students to be inspired to start the day, ready to learn. During the 1984-1985 school year, Dr. Shepherd wrote the creed to have the school community recite it each morning.