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History of the School

Tom Bradley Global Awareness Magnet was built in 1926.  Bradley was originally named 38th Street School and had a student population of 314. In 1933, the school was renamed 39th Street School and was physically expanded to cover the entire block between 38th and 39th Streets. In 1968, the school's name was changed to Dublin Avenue Elementary School.
Dr. Genevieve Shepherd is the 10th Principal to serve Tom Bradley.  Dr. Shepherd has been Principal at Bradley since 1985; she followed Mrs. Aileen Woodson, who served Bradley for nine years.
In May 1999, the school was renamed Tom Bradley Environmental Science and Humanities Charter Magnet to honor the outstanding late mayor.  The renaming was to honor the many contributions that the former mayor made to our school and community.  He was also a longtime resident of Leimert Park.
In 2010, the school was awarded the Restructuring to Improve Academic Achievement and Foster Diversity under the Themed Umbrella of Global Awareness and Science Grant.  In 2011, the school was renamed Tom Bradley Global Awareness Magnet, and the magnet theme focus became politics and government.
In 2014 Dr. Shepherd, the principal of Tom Bradley for 30 years, retired.  In her place, Mrs. Monique Bell took the position as principal.  Mrs. Bell is a former Tom Bradley student (Dublin Ave), she also attended Audubon Middle School and Dorsey Senior High School.  Mrs. Bell has been at Bradley as a teacher, coordinator and now Principal.